Friday, April 3, 2009

Two funny movies coming soon to a theater near you...

Wayans Bros. are literally family over here and I'm excited to see their new movie set to be released May 22, 2009. I want to congratulate Damien Wayans on his making this his first directorial debut. This flick is written by Keenen, Marlon, Shawn, Damien and Craig Wayans. Congrats to lil Damon as lead. The film is a spoof of popular musical and dance films that include Save the Last Dance, Hairspray, Step Up, How She Move, You Got Served, Flashdance and High School Musical. Shout outs to Erik Willis and Dwayne Wayans on the music scores and Shane Miller in production. The cast has so many hilarious actors and actresses. A few to mention is David Allen Grier, Marlon Wayans that plays Mr. Moody (oh Lord just wait till you see his character), Howard Alonzo, Affion Crockett who plays A Con and Craig Wayans who plays Truck. The whole damn family is up in this flick. This is definitely a Wayan's affair. Keep a look out for it! Peace - Tiana

Another funny movie to look out for is Frankenhood coming May 5th. Starring DeRay Davis, Charlie Murphy, Bob Sapp and many more. Special shout out to my boy Eugene Long co-starring. Trailer coming soon.

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