Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Illa J Blog 4-21-09

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  1. Man, sorry 'bout them Pistons droppin from the Playoffs..Just when I started to like your team...Yeah, but next year then. I'm reppin for Blazers and Bulls to take it this year, Rose & Roy, u know.

    I see everybody doin' this bloggin thing nowadays but it's cool that you're doin it your own way. These videoblogs are way more doper. And why? Because, the way I look at it as a business student, it's the best way to let the fans to get to know the man or woman behind all that music they like. You know, and I'm sure you do, it's hard days in the music industry now. Them fans ain't buyin the music, they supportin the dude, the person. But you got it goin already!

    Man, your last album was one of my favourites of all time, no doubt! What I like about it, is that you managed to create an album. It's truly an album, not a collection of tracks, not a ring tone collection (not that I ever believed you'd do that :D ). It gaved me chills the fist time I heard it and since the day one I've had it on constant rotation.

    So Peace and much Respect from Finland,

    Sami aka Sammy Jam